A Unique Location Improvised, unscripted and ongoing renovation of a private family ranch situated in Granadilla Lets get back to nature Simply take a step back and slow down Disconnect to Reconnect Surrounded by the pine forests is an ideal way of reconnecting to self and allowing space to be inspired Relax and enjoy the silence of the mountains in exclusive privacy Sometimes less is definitely more

The Ranch

Tenerife seen from the inside

The most frequent comment heard from anyone who visits the ranch is “ how did we not know this place existed? “  Generally followed by “we don´t want to leave” .


The journey itself towards this unique and secluded location uncovers the heartland of the real Tenerife.  Surrounded by pine forests and peacefully overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, the Ranch is situated a mere 30 minutes from the busy Southern coastline. A well surfaced mountain road winds inland towards the ranch, with civilization peeling away into the silence and space of the mountainside. 



As the Ranch has been evolving with creative input from the artistic, music, sports and wellness community, this year it will begin to embrace events that specifically highlight a move towards appreciating the real, authentic beauty of Tenerife. For those who seek an experience encouraging disconnection surrounded by nature ́s wonderful landscape of Ocean and mountain – this is the place to reconnect to yourself


The creative corner of the garden area will also develop into a creative zone for expressing your inner artist with painting and recycling workshops . The inspiration for this “ inner child “ garden is the antique swing in front of the huge pine tree. Who doesn’t feel five years old on a swing right?. 


As the Eco organic garden project develops, it will give access to organic fruit vegetables and aromatics from gardens on each cabin patio as we learn to be self sufficient.


Work has begun to develop a Tipi Glamping area for group retreats recycling fallen Pine trunks as inspiration. 


For those who seek an experience encouraging disconnection surrounded by nature ́s wonderful landscape of Ocean and mountains – this is the place to reconnect to yourself.

For those who seek an experience encouraging DISCONNECTION surrounded by nature ́s wonderful landscape of Ocean and mountain – this is the place to RECONNECT to yourself

The Bali Beds

Enjoying nature´s widescreen view of the Atlantic Ocean or the constellation of Stars at night from a Mountainside bed is an experience in itself.

The Pool Area

The Pool Area has a large open communal pool and barbeque area which sweeps around below the main cabin .  The central bar /fridge and Stone BBQ overlook the pool and seating area with a sheltered viewing venue and additional  BBQ and bathroom..

The Salon

The Salon area beneath the SurfHouse offers a cozy and intimate indoor  eating and meeting BBQ area and chilling spot , with a vintage pool table and large lounging bed outdoors perfect for afternoon siestas or enjoying a relaxed evening drink . Winter evenings convert the Salon into a warm den with an indoor grill for cozy nights on the ranch.  We have strong Wifi here in the Salon – great for movie nights. 


A multi use indoor group chill and grill space with cave for ranch community supplies and winter nights. Billiards and chill bed outdoors for perfect siestas.

Rancho Feliz from all angles

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