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The Cabins

A unique place to lay your head

Each of the cabins has been created purely by methods of improvisation and innovation.


The Ranch has 6 completed cabins, designed and decorated with hand-made and recycled materials and feature a variety of overnight or retreat stay options including private, shared, individual and communal or team occupancy arrangements.


The total combined occupancy at the ranch can sleep 26 people in total within the cabins. Some are intimate cabins for two and others are group dwellings. As projects continue to explore alternative and adventure tourism for the island, the development of a glamping and camping area will continue by our association’s project team.


The private residences are accessible for association members and visitors.  This isn’t a hotel, nor a tourism resort – it is a privately owned property with projects to research and develop alternative options for island residents and visitors to enjoy Tenerife – naturally

Spa House

The Spa suite sits quietly at the foot of the ranch and features a draped four poster bed, whose recycled mirror reflects the incredible view of the Atlantic Coastline and Montaña Roja below. A stone built patio with BBQ and seating provides the ultimate privacy for a hidden mountain getaway with unexpected luxury.


The Jacuzzi bathroom has a floor to ceiling window highlighting stunning views to be enjoyed in complete privacy. From the sunken jet bathtub or the suspended chair, this is an unforgettably intimate experience with nature; a photographer’s delight.


The house features a kitchen and second bathroom with shower, a sofa bed and quite possibly the ultimate luxury accessory for self love: a powerful private massage chair

Earth House

The Earth house has everything you need for a calm relaxing break from the world, allowing you to feel at one with nature.


The view from the four poster bed showcases a stunning panorama of the living portrait of Canarian pine forests and the Ranch living garden project area.


Complete with bathroom and kitchen amenities indoors and a private outdoor patio with a stone barbecue for outdoor grilling, the Earth House is also the first experiment into auto sustainability and independent energy.


The calming earth and forest tones guarantee a serene unity with nature. You may find yourself inspired to cozy up with a book or enter deep meditation when surrounded with these jaw dropping woodland views.


The house of romance  – this spacious house is a favorite for dreamers and photographers. A four poster bed faces the lovers patio and is adjacent to the floor to ceiling window that illuminates the sunken jacuzzi bathroom.


This Casablanca cabin partners it’s warm and peaceful  aura with a luxurious layout.


It also features a private terrace with a stone BBQ and enough indoor kitchen space for an intimate evening meal or breakfast in bed. Probably both.♥

Bali House

The Bali House welcomes you with warmth inspired by the colours of southeast Asia.


Matching recycled Balinese bamboo double beds, plush cushions for floor seating and a sunset patio space make this ideal for mediation, yoga and deep relaxation


The house features: a cozy bathroom (with shower), indoor kitchen area, a large private patio which includes a barbecue grill and space for sun salutations, massage therapy, or to simply absorb the sounds of peace and tranquility .

Surf House

This informal style open plan house is perfect for groups and teams looking for a shared dormitory experience with a twist


The team house boasts a dramatic (artwork in progress) double window overlooking the whole of the ranch and down to the ocean. Nightime stargazing or a daybreak sunrise seen from here is unforgettable. The house has a colourful and funky decor, inspired by Tenerife’s  free spirited surf community.


With a mini kitchen, outdoor breakfast terrace, shower & WC bathroom, the Surfhouse also has a downstairs den (the Salon) which includes a BBQ grill, outdoor beds and a pool table area. Our planning teams along with biking, hiking and trekking enthusiasts love this spot.

The Cabin

The Largest house on the Ranch, this two story wooden cabin with its enormous wraparound deck is the first house you see as you enter the Ranch. This is the perfect setting for family, friends and larger groups wanting to create ideas and unforgettable moments in the mountains. The team or family house is the heart of the ranch.


Ground level:

  • Kitchen
  • Twin bunk room
  • Two double bedrooms
  • Communal living room with TV
  • Sofa divan
  • Bathroom/shower/WC room
  • Spacious wraparound deck
  • Outside barbecue patio


First floor:

  • King size bedroom with en-suite jacuzzi/shower/WC
  • Private balcony
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