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What is Rancho Feliz Tenerife?

The Asociacion Socio-Cultural Rancho Feliz Tenerife is a registered non-profit organization. Our goal is to spread awareness, and information  while providing support in developing and revitalising the natural, cultural and human resources of the island of Tenerife.


The association works in collaboration with the island’s cultural communities; as well as sports, health and wellness groups, to create and support invigorating environmentally and socially cognizant cultural experiences. As an alternate vision to Tenerife’s commercially structured tourism environment, this is an independent movement to develop and link conscious and healthy island culture projects for residents and visitors.


Our common goal and philosophy is to appreciate and encourage a sustainable and authentic approach to our personal and physical environment.


Happy: having or showing a feeling of pleasure or contentment
Thankful: grateful; relieved and joyful

The four areas of interest as a member of the organization 



Independent creators and artists from the fields of music, fine art, gastronomy and artisanal crafts are combining and sharing their talents and resources to help contribute to our rich and diverse cultural community. We are encouraging freedom of expression and opportunity.



Providing knowledge and information about the current environmental landscape through participation in collaborative workshops to aid, protect, and nurture our local and global environments alike.



A journey through mental, physical, and personal wellness via our experts’ information and experiences will encourage you to explore and develop your better self and the road to happiness.



Photography, video, and extreme sports will combine to shift our focus on the growth of Tenerife as a world class adventure, sport , filming location and nature destination

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The Ranch

It’s a uniquely charming, exclusively located privately owned ranch hidden above the historical town of Granadilla de Abona and within 30 minutes direct access of the Atlantic coastal resort of El Medano in the South West of Tenerife.


Initially built and landscaped with artistic vision by the owner over the course of a decade, the ongoing renovation project became an inspirational  journey and a relaxing haven from the stress, speed and unfulfillment of today’s hectic lifestyle. 


With creative recycling and sustainable living ideas emerging spontaneously, the ranch is an unscripted and beautifully imperfect project location with elements of randomly placed luxury – a relaxing invitation to unplug  from technology, be surrounded by nature´s silence and disconnect.

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