February is Wellness month at the Ranch

The month of February in Tenerife is a month of high energy thanks to ocean waves, changeable weather patterns and the highly charged celebrations of the world’s second-largest Carnaval.

Tenerife is a highly magnetic island, which is why energy healers approached us at the Ranch to create the perfect setting for destressing and inner exploration.

This month we are launching the first of many opportunities to experience unique and alternative ways to heal on individual and group level at Rancho Feliz.

What is Energy healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body’s inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

A more detailed description and benefits can be seen here What everyone should know about energy healing

Our guests will enjoy individually designed cabins, beautiful and cosy common areas with a rustic feel, and sprawling walkways that let them roam free.

Mid-month at the Ranch will be all about love energy as Valentine’s Day approaches (remaining reservations by appointment via website).

This month, we are launching the first of our many retreats and events focused on wellness, disconnection, and self-care.

Local and international wellness professionals will be hosting retreats featuring mindfulness and meditation, mental relaxation, and refreshment breaks exploring healthy and traditional cuisine.

The series of retreats kicks off with our energy healing retreat at the end of February which includes individual and group energy-healing sessions and workshops.


Elaine Whillock

]We are happy to introduce our first energy healer – Elaine Whillock. Elaine is a registered physical massage therapist and a long-time resident of Tenerife’s alternative healing community. She was drawn to the Ranch because of its geographical location – embedded into a volcanic rock in the heart of a pine forest, yet overlooking the Atlantic and harnessing the magic of the ocean’s energy.

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