2020 so far has been a catastrophe and a bright catalyst for change


Here´s the hard truth – Tenerife is an island that´s been codependent on mass tourism for decades.

That tourism is never coming back, it’s still taking time here to acknowledge the fact that things have now changed irrevocably. But if you listen carefully, beyond the empty hotels and vacant airport runways there is a happy and healthy pulse of positivity beating underneath all of the bad news.


Our island community is active and loves the ocean and our rugged mountains. Lockdown was hard on our physical and especially our mental health,   The new normal is hard to adjust to.  there´s a collective feeling of “what´s next ?”.   Well, a surge of creativity for one thing.


Now is the time to step up and spearhead the new change for the better


During the Lockdown period the Ranch was being carefully cared for and since then has enjoyed (COVID compliant) controlled visits from our island residents enjoying the natural open spaces and quiet relaxation as a respite from the escalation of the stresses and controls of 2020.


(For details on getaway breaks for individuals or groups of max 10 people during COVID restrictions email claire@ranchofeliztenerife for details) bookings are getting busy!


Wellness and Massage

Our wellness and massage professionals led by Elaine Willock have been continually growing their skills and networks during these months and in August we hosted the MassagecuorsesEurope team at their first residential course on the ranch. (Separate blog to follow)

Limited Places are filling for the October massage course  https://www.massagecourseseurope.com/course  for details


Be Creative

Our Be Creative teams have also been extremely busy during these months. From Dancers to Dj´s to Culinary creatives and of course musicians, photographers, designers and artists this year 2020 has been ironically one where their talents have been enjoyed and appreciated by all during our lockdown days, yet venues to perform and work opportunities are still under restriction.


By contrast at the ranch, we most definitely support and connect the creative community and this month are proud to present our first music video production filmed on location on the ranch. In a world imposing more restrictions daily – enjoy a taste of the freedom and friendship on the ranch and support the local musician and artist community by sharing the video.

Raúl Vivetranqui performs here  his new single “1000Besos x m2” from his forthcoming album Proyecto 1000 Colores

Raúl Vivetranqui´s website:

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