Aday Pérez

Aday Pérez was born in Tenerife, Canary Islands, and raised on the island of La Palma. It was at an early age when he began his curiosity for electronic music, following great artists as his reference, his first steps took place with several varied styles that made him integrate quickly into the scene.

2013 – Taking his first steps in private parties, he soon became in demand for large events of the Island. Working hard, a natural collaborator, he grew experience supporting larger artists and labels until he became event organizer for La Palma DJ collective Overnoise in 2017. Maintaining and growing the club culture and playing at large events he then went on to form the Luxury Groove Collective touring the islands.

Today his unique eclectic style shows creativity that surrounds each section of the session with its own identity and throws in changes that catch you and take you with him wherever he goes . 

He currently resides on the island of Tenerife,  he heads up the El Rancho project, together with the Rancho Feliz Tenerife Association (in which he is vice president). 

The EL RANCHO project has been launched, they have created their first successful DJ collective event and are working on the Dj’s Rancheros collective that will soon be coming to light in the South of the Island, connecting young creative talent under the BeCreative initiative at Rancho Feliz Tenerife

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