Earning a living vs Earning a life Freedom to apply who you are and use your natural skills to support your lifestyle choice Connection • Growth • Development Collectives from the fields of Music, Design, Art, Artesanal crafts... Relaxed dialogues By the ocean waves or under the shade of a pine tree inspire limitless creative ideas. Your best life starts with the moments of seeing its natural beauty Gratitude is priceless at the ranch

About Us

What the association does

The Associacion supports and develops social, cultural and environmental projects via a collaborative local and online community encouraging  a healthy and diverse island culture

As a registered non profit organisation we will connect with other synergetic non profit organizations locally and internationally to create a thriving local and online community to enhance the island ́s authentic culture.


Joining or supporting the association will automatically keep you informed and involved in projects, workshops, and association events. A community with shared ideals and interests can effect change and develop a harmonious network to grow opportunities. Association members will also have access to ranch location visits as part of their support of ranch inspired initiatives.

This is a movement to embrace the heart, soul and natural energy of Tenerife


Tenerife has unlimited beautiful natural resources that inspire many to create unique music, art and visual representation of the island. Taking time out from busy, technology driven lives to absorb the raw energy of the island allows space for creativity to flourish. Uniting and developing creative talent on shared projects will create original products, services and events.


Raising awareness and sharing innovative ways to protect, maintain and grow healthy living principles within our environment. An open invitation to share other environmentally conscious projects locally and internationally.


The road to happy will focus on mental, physical and personal health development with workshops and retreats to discover the road to your best self


The raw and authentic island life beauty of Tenerife lies  behind and beyond the commercialized all inclusive hotel compounds along the coastlines  – The real energy of Tenerife thrives in it´s glorious ocean waves, nature´s volcanic landscape and the hidden wild side of the island.


Photography, video, location filming and adventure sports projects will combine to focus on the growth of Tenerife as a world class adventure sports destination.


As the world around us becomes more superficial and artificial – Be Real Tenerife will champion the raw and wild beauty of our island´s natural elements that attract both the adrenaline junkie, the photographer and the nature lover. No Filters necessary!


The Ranch Philosophy embraces protecting and respecting not only the natural but also the human environment we choose to surround ourselves with. They share knowledge and resources freely and are natural collaborators with individual identities.


Rancheros appreciate and enjoy life authentically. Nature lovers, they appreciate the freedom and opportunity of island life and live lifestyles synergetic with respecting, protecting and enjoying their environment. They have a passion for life. 


Earning a living is the current understanding of working to earn enough to be able to survive doing so.


Earning a life is the freedom of applying who you are and your individual talents to support the life you choose to live.


Many Rancheros are already living their chosen balance of lifestyle and income – some have specifically chosen to live on this island and some were lucky enough to be born on Tenerife.  They share their common vision, knowledge and resources freely and are natural collaborators with individual identities.


Current Ranchero projects involve a passionate new breed of entrepreneurs from the fields of music, events, education, extreme and adventure sports, gastronomy, wellness.

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