Is Creativity Contagious?


Although the internet juries are  uncertain as to whom originally said “ Creativity is contagious” it was a point very well made.


Gather a bunch of creative people around a shared meal or a camp fire or by the ocean waves and natural improvisation begins. Dialogs, dreams, shared ideas and collaboration naturally flow in environments that allow one´s mind to find some free space between the thoughts. 

Tenerife is an island blessed with an undeniable source of energy and a heartbeat of rhythm.

The power of the Ocean, the strength of the mountains and the warmth and colours of the microclimates harness inspiration that lures and inspires the creative community. 


Supporting local creative artists and growing a healthy and diverse cultural environment provides more than just beauty and entertainment. It also can grow potential, offer channels of development for enrichment of the mind and unites communities.


The Rancho Feliz Association will be connecting artists and organizers, providing resources and support to launch, develop and expand opportunities within the creative community.

Introducing Aday Perez

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