Asociacion Socio-Cultural Rancho Feliz Tenerife

a non-profit project dedicated to community and connection

What is Rancho Feliz Tenerife?

The Asociacion Socio-Cultural Rancho Feliz Tenerife is a non-profit project dedicated to community and connection. Bringing the local island and international community together offers an alternative vision of Tenerife,  a vision that is completely non-dependent on commercialized mass tourism. 

Prior to the period where the world took its necessary time out, we operated and  hosted countless workshops and retreats, created communal collaboration events, provided and networked numerous opportunities for local business owners, and have grown a large community for local creatives: artists, musicians, designers, photographers and filmmakers to connect and flourish.. 

Initial events and activities were located in a beautiful location up in the Mountains of Granadilla which unfortunately closed during the pandemic but the community and visitors spent unforgettable times with loved ones in an exclusively peaceful, private and alternative environment.  Now the community is spread into multiple locations but is still very much active!!

We support and develop social, sports, cultural, and environmental projects via our local and international partners which have grown from the Rancho Feliz Tenerife  

My name is Claire Rivero

and I am the President and Project Director of the Rancho Feliz Tenerife Association- a registered non-profit association located in Tenerife, Canary islands.
After leaving my international corporate career, I began the Rancho Feliz Tenerife Association in 2017 as a personally funded non profit organisation built from my years of experience in people, teamsl & event management and my deep love and respect for the natural environments of this island.

we have now diversified into

The Point Surf Club

Co-working & meeting spot for Surfers & Digital Nomads

Your Team Retreat

Matching teams to exclusive venues for work rest or play

Rancho Feliz

Asociacion Socio Cultural Rancho Feliz Tenerife will promote events & culture on the island

Want to get involved?

Sign up below for updates on the new location, events, our growing member network and of course exclusive access to Rancho Feliz Tenerife´s newest locations.

If the experience of 2020 and 2021 has taught us anything it is that change is constant.

We are proud of achieving so many wonderful objectives that grew through relaxed conversations over an outdoor meal  in a pre pandemic world up on the mountain location and now it is time to continue to grow

 A huge hug of thanks and support to the continually growing teams and conscious collaborations that continue to keep this Ranchero network going locally and internationally

As the population of the island continues to grow with new settlers, new cultures and new ideas we look forward to continuing to connect, support and grow.

I´m proud of our community and friends who continue with me to prove that authentic passion and belief can grow into wonderful realities on this island!

High five to these guys let´s keep this movement going !


Location shoots at Rancho Feliz

The BeCreative project at the ranch supports local and international musicians from completely diverse genres as a unique venue in which to showcase their individuality.

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