Location Update

Exciting news for friends of the Asociacion Rancho Feliz Tenerife!.
Whilst the finca in Granadilla has been closed for repairs we are on the move!


If the experience of 2020 and 2021 has taught us anything it is that change is constant.


We are proud of achieving so many wonderful objectives that grew through relaxed conversations in nature in a pre pandemic world up on the mountain location and now it is time to continue to grow around the island without the operating logistics holding us back


A huge hug of thanks and support to the continually growing teams and conscious collaborations that continue to keep this Ranchero network going locally and internationally

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I´m proud of our community and friends who continue with me to prove that authentic passion and belief can grow into wonderful realities on this island!


Happy: having or showing a feeling of pleasure or contentment
Thankful: grateful; relieved and joyful

High five to these guys let´s keep this movement going ! 

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